Open source software development

.Net Dynamic SQL generator

Significantly reduce the boiler plate code that you write when accessing a database. Supports the creation of complex SQL statements with a query syntax as close to standard SQL as possible.

Non destructive XML Wrapper library

Use strongly typed classes to modify and update undetlying Xml files without the overhead of deserialization, or the destruction of other namespaces / extended schemas.

Automatically add timestamps to images

Nothing complex here. Simple library that adds a timestamp to an image url, stylesheet url.
A godsend for dynamic content sites or rapid development.
Why we release under GPL.Why we release under GPL.

All of our Open Source software is released under either the GPLv3 license or LGPLv3.

This is done not to restrict it's use, but to ensure the continuation of Open Source and everyone's freedom to be able to use the software for any purpose.

This does not mean that the code we have written cannot be included in your commercial restricted software.
If the license is LGPL then go ahead and reference the library in any of your commercial applications. If you make changes to the library itself, then please make those changes available under LGPL or GPL and reference our original source.
If the library is under GPL and you want to include it in a commercial libraryor application then please do get in touch, we are usually open to suggestion.
But we'd rather see your commercial library as open source, before granting commercial use.

This also offers you the developer rights. You are and always will be able to use, adapt and consume the software for free.