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As you will see from the images on the left, there are some significant changes in the user interface for version 3.

  1. We are now using a 'Facebook' style menu on the left of the application
  2. The favourites spot list is now your home, and is fully editable (with re-order and delete from within the list).
  3. You can add spots to your favourites directly, or add them through the usual way of selecting in the details.
  4. You can see the spot's local to where you are
  5. Check-in at spots is supported (location aware). So you can tell others where you are, and get notified if someone you are following check's in.
  6. You can also see realtime status of a spot from all users who have checked in there recently.
  7. And you can see the last time the data was loaded for the spot.

We think the interface is cleaner, simple and more effective for use on a day to day basis.

We are also putting ad's in there too! 

The donation capability was not generating enough income for us to valuably support this application so it is unfortunate.
However - if you were one of those generous individuals who kindly helped, then firstly thank you, and secondly, you will be able to remove the adverts when you register with the email address used to donate - as a big thanks.

If you want to have some input in this version, or want to register for a beta release, then 'Contact Us' and let us know what you want, and how much you would like to contribute.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Here's looking forward to version 3.